Alliance Scotland is an all-party association of local authorities representing the industrial areas of Scotland.

Presently comprised of 15 member authorities and the Coalfields Regeneration Trust, Alliance Scotland works to engage with politicians and policy makers in Holyrood, and stakeholders from further afield, to protect and advance the interests of Scotland’s industrial communities.

Alliance Scotland is committed to shaping policy and thinking in government, both in Westminster and Holyrood, to support and protect the areas it represents.

Part of the GB-wide body, Alliance Scotland works closely with Alliance members and officers from other parts of Britain.

You are invited to the first in a series of seminars organised by the Industrial Communities Alliance Wales. This one is on Investing in Skills for a net zero future

ICA Wales is launching a new series of seminars. The first one is on Future Skills for Energy Transition with Sharon James from Cardiff and the Vale College. You can book here:

At times like these it’s obligatory to quote F Scott Fitzgerald: “They were careless people…They smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness…and let other people clean up the mess they had made.” #goodgovernment

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  • Responded to the Scottish Government Survey on Economic Development Zones including Freeports in December 2020. Helping to shape the vision for a net zero, well-being economy that upholds the highest standards of environmental protection and Fair Work practices for those working at the proposed ‘Green Ports’ and beyond.
  • Responded to the Scottish Affairs Committee Inquiry at Westminster in January 2021 on the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. Highlighting the need for the adoption of key principles which embrace the necessity of a scale of funding not less than that at present; importance of smooth transition arrangements to the new fund; respecting the Devolution Settlement both in spirit and practice; and ensuring a duration of funding that aids certainty in terms of planning and delivery.
  • Engaged with the Scottish Government in relation to the UK Government’s Subsidy Control Consultation in March 2021. Highlighting the criticality of an Assisted Area Map for our Communities and the wider Scottish Economy.
  • The Cross-Party narrative may change post Election as there is a process to be undergone to re-establish the Group. And the MSPs still have to be elected!
  • All current Elected Member references fine. They will seek re-election in May 2022 if they wish.


ICA Scotland, Chair: Cllr. Altany Craik (Fife)

ICA Scotland, Vice-Chair: Cllr. Peter Henderson (South Ayrshire)

ICA Scotland, Director: Roddy MacDonald

Cross-Party Group on Industrial Communities, Convener: Colin Beattie MSP

Cross-Party Group on Industrial Communities, Deputy Convener: Alex Rowley MSP

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